Game play stalls

Since the newest update i have lost over 1mill chips because the game has paused at the time of payout and the only way to fix it is leave and return to game it happens on the rooftop. Also the head movements are like watching the Exorcist and its common to have someone standing through the table. Im happy your all hands on with development but the glitches need attention. The chips are not a huge deal because of my total chip count but its not fair to have it happen especially to the newbies. Keep up the good work and lets get to a PP2
P.S. it wont let me post one of the videos here so i will send it to the Mayor

Also the bug where I spent the game either actually holding my chair. Or the other one where the back of my chair was inside my avatar when look from behind my avatar. The front view shows my arms protruding through the chair back. Looking at my hand seems to fix the disconcerting visual but stop looking at my cards and it looks like I sit up and the chair back is once again defying the laws of quantum mechanics and physics.

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