Feature Requests

Hello, I think this is a great idea and I hope this input will be implemented! :+1: :+1: :muscle:

Think if developers took at a look at WSOP app and game that used to be on xbox and incorporated what they’re doing/did this would be a great game. They had name brand clothing, etc(Adidas, nike). Love that the tournaments dont have bots like Poker Club does. Think there should be more types of tournaments, daily, weekly, multiround. Give bracelets, rings for winning tournaments, ring play. More prizes for other just top three in tournaments especially if more than six players. Needs to be turbo mode for ring play with shorter play clock. If timer runs out three times on a player they should be kicked, that’s what sit out option is for. This is a good game just need developers to make some tweaks and could be great.

Dont like the preset moves showing what I’m doing to other players. There should be a chat box for typing messages in game. Need more table items, things like a shark, fish, even tissues to gift to other players to tease them, etc

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On the Android WSOP app there are bots btw. Oh, you only mean on tournaments?

There are so many toxic and rude people, please don’t add text chat to the game.

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Please remove the new feature that slows down the end of hands giving players the option to show their folded hands. A real table would never allow reaching into the muck pile to show mucked cards.

Please fix the refill bug. Great new feature! But it’s broken and stealing our chips!


Add more hourly events for the misc table items that don’t fit under weapon, smoke, or drink.


CrazyDog77 has some great suggestions. Hard to follow those. Here are mine (some are slight edits to CrazyDog77)

  • I suggest open sourcing your randomization algorithm to the community or at least making the code for this process open for review by the community. This is for a few reasons. The first is that you can maybe quell the complaints about it if folks feel good about others review of it. Second, you constantly have eyes on flaws and garner community support for constant hardening of it for better play, less predictability and security.

  • Please allow both Traditional and Mississippi straddling in Cash Games

  • The game mimics some aspects of tournament play, but is not current with all of them. Even WSOP had multi-table tournaments when it first came out with its PC and console game versions. We should be playing a bunch of players on multiple tables in a real tournament style play, not just one table full of 6 players. Adding more PEDs/Computer AIs in a full tournament style would not be a bad idea to support this. I get the need to rotate “eager” players in and out quickly with the small single tables. Maybe break the tournaments up into quick-tournaments and pro-tournaments.

  • All tournaments should have an Ante option or that option be set by default.

  • Players should be able to choose their emotion to display right after losing a hand or being busted after going all in. This can be used as a tell and that can be used as information by other players for other hands with that player. Their busted out selection should not hold the flow of the game up before they are removed. If they take too long to select or do not have a default selection in their settings, then the game should default to your normal setting for emotion when busting out of the game after an all in play.

  • When players or computer avatars are busted they currently just emote then turn and jump into the ground. That is weird and looks like a cheap work around. Why not just have them dissolve in their seats or walk away while dissolving? You might even have the winning player who beat them do some sort of space weapon move to zap them off the screen. OR use their purchased table item to zap them. It sure would feel good to the winner and the loser would never know because they would be zapped into a waiting room to select their new game.

  • Players should be able to set default room styles they DO NOT want to play in before arriving to the section where the rooms are selected then game play starts. This will cut down on the resets for folks who do not want to play in certain rooms just before play starts.

  • While waiting for new games on PC, there is a significant wait time before players show up. Could you possibly create a phone app to alert players that there may be open seats on other platforms?

  • Create a phone app that allows people to invite their friends to play on any of the PP system platforms. The app should allow grouping of friends based on the systems they are willing to play PP on like, PS4, PS5, PC, XBOX, Steam, etc. The app should send very clear instructions to new additions on how to set up and enter a game room their friends have setup. The group names should be highly customizable and allow for easy entry and removal of members. The app should allow text messages to group members and allow members to respond to all or single members as the administrator allows. The app might even manage large tournament play by interacting with the game stats to determine who needs to switch to which table during tournaments.

  • Really highly ranked players 500+ should be able to create their own custom styled poker room/location where only they and people they invite can play. They can use current rooms to edit features like add statues, change tables, change crowd, add a logo template PP defines, etc.

  • Really highly ranked players 500+ should be able to create multiple custom groups for their custom rooms. Like Cash Players, Reg Tournament Players, Pro Tournament Players, etc.

  • Seriously high ranked players 1000+ should be able to require certain attire in their custom poker club rooms and set custom rules for play which must align with standard Poker Rules but include certain allowed regional variations that are accepted in those areas like Mississippi Straddle vs. Normal Straddle or Blind Ante vs Table Ante.

  • Seriously high ranked players 1000+ should be able to chose the style of room including their own custom room if they are first player to the waiting room on a new game or tournament

  • Seriously high ranked players 1500+ should have more emotions they can select that can be directed at specific players. They should be able to make more light hearted insults and happy emotes at other players that lower level players do not have access to.

  • The monthly stats resets should be increased to quarterly, bi annually or yearly to make the higher stakes rooms more attainable and good game play measurable. Only highly ranked players should be allowed in the higher level rooms vs more unpredictable/unrealistic gameplay/stats that may allow unrealistic player participation in high stakes rooms where in real life, that player would not last 10 seconds. (See my comment on the number randomizer for this to make sense)

  • Do away with power ups and make the base game purchasable ($5 - $20). Then make tournament participation an annual fee ($50). Chip up costs/fees should remain the same. Clothes and other items should continue to be paid with chips. Custom poker room fees for highly ranked players would be FREE for the first year then +10/year fee as long as they qualify and want the room. Game fees pay for your cost to develop/maintain services for the game itself and tournament membership fees support advanced tournament development and minimal (within the law) physical prizes/trophey’s for top players annually/semi-annually.

I would love to see a tapping fingers on the table when players are taking too long along with some other emotions and actions. More outfits would be nice too :slightly_smiling_face:

I disagree with getting rid of the meat factory and laundromat I love those backgrounds but it’d be nice to see some new ones like outside backgrounds. Eitherwise I really love this game and would love to see how it evolves!

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  • See Bankroll on Casual Game setup screen.
  • See Rating Change in Ranked Game “Info” section.
  • Have a No Time Limit option in custom Head to Head.
  • Option to view character in full w/o going to Outfit.

Careful with that request. The tournaments run at a nice enough pace right now. Adding antes only speeds it up and makes the end likely closer to bingo than poker unless there is also an option to increase starting stacks.


Please fix the 100% GPU issue. I keep checking back to see if has been addressed, and it has not. I stopped playing because I don’t want to melt my graphics card.

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Change the error message reporting that the server is down to informing a player that their internet connection has been interrupted and that they have x minutes to re-boot their console and rejoin the table

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The ability to join have a friend join the same game without needing to leave and invite them.

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Please bring back the 6 players table venue ! Or make options to choose between 6 or 9 players venue!


I would like an in game mail system.

Choose one character and equip them with tattoos from each of the affiliations also glasses, rings , and or clothing combinations that will satisfy the requirements for affiliation day.

Please bring back the 6 players venue. 9 players table is so long and boring!

Pretty please!


Agree. They take too long to play. What was wrong with 6?

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There were repeated request for 9 player tables. Ranked tournaments are still six player games.