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Six player tables still exist. Instead of using Quick Play to find a game, use the options to start a 6-player table and others will show up.


Pasting comment from other thread since it seems better suited here.

Regarding improving user engagement of group chat feature:

I was suggesting that some sort of indicator showing a player was currently entered into chat, like a small, green icon on the player name popup/splash but you’ve brought up refinement of that because it would be even more interesting if that green icon, which would be defaulted to being grayed out (not in chat,) would show yellow to indicate a player was in private chat. That would dampen the effectiveness of colluding players. There may be a technical issue with the latter if the dev team can or can’t query that variable, since private chat on xbox is Microsoft data it may not be available to the game. It would be awesome though.

Imagine being able to look at the name splash of other players and 2 players have yellow indicators. Or even checking players and discovering that other players had a green indicator. That would absolutely boost engagement of the group chat. As it is now the only way to tell is enter chat, ask if anyone’s there (which nobody ever is,) then exit. Nobody wants to leave a mic open when nobody is there.

However with an indicator it suddenly becomes an invitation.

You mean ranked table ??? Because there is no option to make a 6 players venue…

Please return to showing the cards for all players who are still playing in all contested hands.

Elaborate, please, Farmer-John40. Thank you.

Sometimes the hole cards of the winners of contested hands are no longer displayed. In casino play the hole cards of the winner of a contested hand is always displayed. While I trust Pipeworts to select the correct winner pf the hand, it also revels the strategy used by the winner of the hand.

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How about you make a feature where the game isnt total fucking dogshit?

I’ve never seen that, ever. Are there any other vars or details that you’ve noticed where I might replicate this?

Not sure why you are asking, the game is doing the right thing. The winner’s hand is always shown as long as there are 2+ in the showdown

A couple comments up is just wrong, even at casino. I’ve never seen a casino make all players show their hands at showdown. The rule is “show 2 cards to win”. Only the winner needs to be showing their hand.

The game giving players that are out the option to show is freakin’ weird. All that does is sow down the game. That’s the new bug.

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He wrote “Sometimes the hole cards of the winners of contested hands are no longer displayed.”

Sure wish we could loose the bright lights on the bar at the deck. It drowns out the player tags or forces a goofy camera angle.

could we see a return of the population meter??? i feel like its impossible to find a tournament match now that it is gone i think adding it would be nice because you would be able to actively see who is in queue for each mode and chip amount.

also have you guys considered making this cross platform? i feel like this would be a great game to have on handheld consoles or even xbox/playstation.

How about allowing players to sell back purchased or gifted table items? I used the max rep table items and have loads of 10% & 5% table items that I will not use, I’m happy to sell them back to the Thursday market for less. Or swap 4x5% for 1x20% item.

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Turn off the action generator and deal random cards.

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Need bonuses on table items other than drinks / smoke / weapons. There’s a lot of additional fun table items but I never use them because they’re never on bonus. Fish tank, gaming console, cauldron, Easter basket, etc.


Hi there I have some suggestions,

1, Omaha

2, a chip shuffling emote. (I always shuffle my chip stacks in live play, would be nice to do that in game).

3, Omaha

4, Full 8 player tables


6, multi table comps.

7, Omaha

8, tapping finger emote

Think that’s about all, did I mention Omaha?

Turn off the action generator and deal random cards.

Royal Flush is a lie :birthday:

Many of us would like to not have to spend 2 hrs on one game at a 9 player table. Let us choose at the beginning of the ring game via drop down menu, please.

Agree. The grunting, and hmm’ing is unnecessary as well as the laugh while clapping.