Feature Requests

I think it would be a good idea to allow us to change our emotes…it seems kinda generic to all be slitting our throats or doing a magic trick. If you added a laughing emote. And also you could offer certain ones at the gift store and also only allow certain ones to be released at a certain level and/or affiliation. And can be another idea to put in the stash boxes as prizes.


How about wine? Every style of beer but your boy can’t sip on some merlot!?!?


Ability to save avatar configurations so if I want to be a short cowgirl with a beard and fuzzy slippers one day and a tatted biker rocket scientist the next I can switch genders any time. Stop oppressing us, it’s pure bigotry.

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Indeed, indeed! That’d be nice.

Being able to change your attire at the table the way you change table items

Getting rid of the 20 character minimum in these forums :joy: sometimes responses dont need explanation

Long shot but it’d be cool if we could select a default action for when we win a hand. I want to close my avatar’s mouth and stop the smug laugh and hand wringing.

I agree - I hate that snobbish behavior from my avatar. Need a sophisticated, muted response.


Cathy Cross

Worlds best bluffer mug is backwards when equipped

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Probably has been suggested already, but:

  • Avatar personalities. This would affect how they behave (umprompted by the player). Eg. how they celebrate winning a hand, or what kind of idle animations they engage in. Some personality could be very wild, over-reacting to every little thing, some could be very stoic, some could be something in between.

  • More emotes. Perhaps even “persistent” emotes. In other words, emotes that are not just an animation that ends and the character returning to the normal idle state, but where the character eg. changes position and remains that way until a different “persistent” emote (or any emote) is chosen, or the player’s turn comes. For example, the character leans forward and puts his/her elbows on the table and one hand on the chin in deep thought. Or that the character leans back in his/her seat and crosses hands. Or something like that.

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Larger weekend tournaments, 30 players or so with multiple tables like the big boy tournaments


How/when do you get to play the Mayor again?

Raise the number of chips allocated to each player at the start of ranked tournament’s from 10k to 20k.

Why? And based on what?

I think it would enhance the game. Instead of this mindless game of bingo where everyone bets the blind and then checks thru the river to see who won, it would provide the opportunity for a more challenging game.

Okay, fair enough, but it’s still not clear for me what decides who gets how many chips. If I get 20k, and everyone else gets 10k then I support this 100%! :laughing:


I would appreciate a save slot for character designs.
On the event days (like bad-beat-friday or thirsty-thursday) i like to play for example as a green-dreadhair-tourist or a secretary-looking-blone in a suite. To do the changes to every makeup, chlothes and tattoo etc is annoying. and i would love to “save” a few models i use frequently.

What do you think?
(Sorry for my bad english, i’m german and don’t know anything about grammar)


Why not let low league players join a higher league tourney? At least by one. Just like a player in the silver league or above can join a tourney of one league lower. And the point reward for playing a league higher would be the opposite of the points earned for playing a league lower. Won’t it be a great change when the player count is this low?

→ Please add cross-play support between computers and consoles. This will fill up the servers and increase the player base!

  • Allow tuxedoes and suits to be set to an option to display your watch or wrist ware.


  • Make it more clear when someone else is in voice chat (nobody ever has voice chat on. Maybe make it so people can be heard automatically but can be easily muted?)

  • Make refilling table items a slider instead of having to buy each refill individually. We should be able to just select a number of refills to buy and buy it. It is extremely tedious to refill table items.

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8 player tournament tables!