Feature Requests

I agree with most of your ideas, but I don’t think the blind levels should be shorter. Yes, the first blind level is a pain in the ass (and basically every blind level if all the players are passive), but if you speed things up with the blind levels, the game become less playable, and I don’t need that. Sometimes your only option is folding and looking forward to the next hand. If you want to speed things up just raise more frequently. Or play poker on your phone with ridiculously short blind levels. It’s not horrible, but I prefer the more conventional way of playing poker.

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I have quite the suggestion that might make the “bad beat” stigma go down quite a bit. I find, for my self. a total of 20-25 seconds is not enough time to accurately assess what you’re up against unless you assume everyone is value betting all the time. at least in Tourneys adding time to decision making/adding a time bank feature would inprove quality of life.

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Why are there rules how you win? Make the cards randomly! Do you understand?

I think it would be a good idea to allow us to change our emotes…it seems kinda generic to all be slitting our throats or doing a magic trick. If you added a laughing emote. And also you could offer certain ones at the gift store and also only allow certain ones to be released at a certain level and/or affiliation. And can be another idea to put in the stash boxes as prizes.


How about wine? Every style of beer but your boy can’t sip on some merlot!?!?


Ability to save avatar configurations so if I want to be a short cowgirl with a beard and fuzzy slippers one day and a tatted biker rocket scientist the next I can switch genders any time. Stop oppressing us, it’s pure bigotry.

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Indeed, indeed! That’d be nice.

Being able to change your attire at the table the way you change table items

Getting rid of the 20 character minimum in these forums :joy: sometimes responses dont need explanation