Feature Requests

I agree. I noticed that when there are a lot players on the 9 player table people start to do other things while playing poker. This makes the waiting time at any player longer and also a round. Especially annoying when somebody at the end of the round of the table raises with 5k and the waiting starts al over again…

Outfits for men with tank tops. we cant see torso and sleeve tattoos in peacoats. More baseball hats, birthday party hats, traffic cone hats, funny hats, witches hats, dracula capes, pilgram costumes, animated table items

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–Tournaments starting chips to match the buy in. 10k chips for all buy-in values removes any sort feel of progression. For example all players should start with 50k chips in a 50k buy-in tournament.

playing with 10k has a slightly dull feeling when the buy in was 100k, should be betting tens of thousands of chips rather than a couple hundred –

–Cross Platform also, the game could be huge - would allow for 9 player tournaments too

–View others bank roll, maybe a toggle option to let others see your bank roll.
nothing better in a cash game than knowing you’ve just busted someone for the last of their chips…

–More freedom with customising character + outfit, the ability to separate tops from bottoms would be cool and a few less alien looking character faces to select from

–Different Deck patterns to buy with a variety of different designs to pick from

–… to be updated

See bank rolls? No thanks… that just means some chum is going to keep pushing all in

I’d like some horse inspred art. Wether itd be a tattoo or outfit or decoration. Id also like to see roulette in the game. I also think season passes would be good.

More new nice looking outfits!! (Female) I love the pirate outfit that was added so not just dresses but themed outfits too!!!

Love the new table items!

New emote idea: blow a kiss :kiss:

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One of the problems with choosing between 6 and 9 players is that it divides the player base. Such divisions would slow down matchmaking. In some instances it could make it near impossible to find a Match.

If time is the issue, you should request Speed Tables. For example, if everyone has half the time to take their turn and all the card flips and actions were sped up to x2, the matches would take half as much time.

Alternatively, you could have Speed Tables that simply end after a fixed amount of time. So (example) after an hour, everyones final position is decided by how many chips each person has.

I’d like the following emojis: raspberry, yawn, and laugh

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I think these would be popular

I would love a chat window like all the real money games have

Most of us play on Xbox or PlayStation, we don’t have keyboards.

I really enjoy this game and the features /options. One thing I would like to have as an option is to be able to change an outfit and headgear during a tournament/ring play. I Don’t always check daily challenges before popping into a game. You guys/gals are doing a great job with is this game.

looks like you’re wanting to play some Omaha.