Btw, shouldn't we do something about cheaters?

As you all might as well already know, Ranked Head to head games are totally occupied by cheaters just ranking themselves up with dupe accs for the season rewards.

It’s not even an overstatement to say there are more of them there then actual players who actually want to play the game to rank themselves up. (Which is completely nuts.)

I get it if most of you don’t really like to play heads-ups at all (I do though), but is it really okay to just let anybody have their ways in a supposedly “ranked” game to get around it? They disrespect the whole format and nobody does anything about it?

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No doubt about it i play ranked and you see accounts maxed out the day or next day the new ranked month opens

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What platform are you playing on?
Have you sent a private message to PipeWorks when you notice these cheaters and identified the players?
For Microsoft users this would require two different email addresses, and the purchases of two gold membership accounts with different gamertags.
To eliminate this possibility, at the start of a game, Pipe works could compare IP addresses of the players for duplicate address’s.


have to use 20 characters so why does the platform matter ?

It doesn’t matter. It’s the same on each of them. I played on Xbox, now I play on Steam. Just as the rules are the same, so are the cheaters. The loophole is the same.

Of course I did. They didn’t reply. I can’t see who does this, since they won’t play me, you know. That’s the whole point :laughing: They only play with themselves to rank up… And I just wait dumb in the lobby watching them do so.

Gold membership can be shared with others… Different email addresses? Easy-peasy. That’s certainly not stopping them, neither do the developers.

I’d love to see an IP filter kinda thing, or anything really, that they dealing with it… Anything.

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I was just curious.

You’ve never witnessed a cheater? Yet you claim better placers than you must be cheating?
It sounds like a conspiracy theory to me.

No. That’s not what I’m saying. I don’t claim they cheat because they have a better score/rank (then I’d know who they are btw). What I’m saying is if you’re in the ranked heads-up lobby, you can see players time to time to appear at the same time, one of them is higher ranked, one of them is usually bronze or silver at most. Then the higher ranked one switches to the lower table where the other player’s waiting. They start a game. Then you see it all happen again a minute later. And they only play with each other. Not with anyone else.

When did you last play against a Silver player when you was Platinum, for example? Never, I suppose. Because it doesn’t worth the risk. It’s +10/-30 at least, if I’m not mistaken. But if your opponent is your second account, it certainly worths it. At least for them. It couldn’t even be more obvious than that. I’m shocked you’ve never seen this before. Maybe you don’t play heads-ups very often. Anyway, so I do witness them, it’s just I don’t know who they are exactly. But that doesn’t mean they don’t cheat.

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I never play H2H, nor do I play Ring games, so I’ll take your word for this happening.
Winning is secondary to my enjoying the game. As long as my chip total keeps going in a positive direction, I’ll keep playing

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Only Tournaments? Nice! Basically H2H is similar, but it’s faster. I like that one more. That is, it would be if more players took the trouble to play.

Personnel choice, what a concept!

I was talking about the cheaters though, of course.

I’ve personally never seen cheaters, but I do believe they exist. have you tried reporting their account(s) when you come across them?

Read back a little, if you like.

I might know the name of a cheater… “Fkvpn”. It’s a relatively new account, tourist outfit, tourist nickname, low level (around 40 maybe), and ranked Platinum. It’s not completely unusual of course, but… We played a ranked game, and I’m not sure he wanted to play. He might just entered the lobby and didn’t notice I was there. He clapped at the start of the match, he played risky, carelessly. Not the play you’d expect at this level.

Also, NO ONE plays with Platinum rank, except me. That was the first time I see anybody does that. Okay, maybe there are a few out there, but that’s alone suspicious enough. And immediately after our match, there was someone in the lobby cheating with Platinum rank, playing against only a Gold ranked player at lower tables.

Although it is not possible to identify these cheaters, but that’s my best guess so far!

I’m curious.
Pl ease identify the platform you’re playing on and the type of game and what action this player took that you think was cheating.

Steam, but I experienced the same on Xbox before as well (as I already mentioned before).

It’s happening in the ranked heads-up lobby (as mentioned before).

What makes me think he’s a cheater is literally in my message right before yours. Also, I check that profile on the leaderboards and it’s not even there. Super fishy.

Btw, it really amazes me how obviously you think I’m an idiot, while you don’t even try to pay attention to what I’ve already told you.

I don’t think you’re an idol, I just don’t think that level numbers have anything to do with playing poker.

I didn’t, not a single time ever said that “level numbers have anything to do with playing poker” or cheating or anything like that in particular. I’m glad that you don’t think I’m an idiot, at least. But what’s with this level number thing anyway? You came up with something similar before as well. I’ve never said anything about levels here. At all.

Any news? Will someone at least acknowledge or reject my point?