Anyone else want 6 player games back?

The addition of 9 seats is cool for some, However does every single game have to be 9 now it takes forever to even get through the initial buy in


I don’t like it either it makes the games too slow


I tottaly agree with you !!! Bring back the 6 players venue or make a options to choose between 6 or 9 players tables


It’s a neat idea for an option yet I personally haven’t noticed any particular delays or inconveniences.

It is an option today that was never lost. Players might be gravitating toward 9-player tables right now, but you can start a 6-player table and wait for others to show up. It works.


I think w should have the option to pick 6 or 9


Start a private tournament with 5 friends. If you all hit the ready button the 6 player tournament will start for you. This works for any number of players from 2-9.

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Yes, I want 6 or 7 seat tables. 9 makes hands drag out way too long. Or at least give us an option for 6 or 9.