This is real? Swindle

this is real? swindle

proof of how the game actually favors other players, in 5 hands: 3 three 1 straight 1 full

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Just watched this. Let me walk you through it:

Hand #1:
You had 9-2 off-suit. You probably had no business being in this hand to begin with. You were lucky to have flopped the top pair (9’s) but then you fault your opponent for playing pocket 4’s and catching 444 on the flop. That person had you beat right from the very start of the hand. So your complaint is what exactly???

Hand #2:
You had A-8 off-suit. Flop comes, you get BOTTOM pair (8’s) BUT there’s two hearts on the flop and a possible straight–neither of which you have. Yet you bet crazy with bottom pair. Turn card comes–another heart. Meaning there’s a good chance someone has at least a straight or a flush and yet you go all-in with just a pair of 8’s…and lose to a straight that had already been made on the flop. Not sure what the complaint is here either???

Hand #3:
You had 6-3 suited (clubs). Whether you should play this hand is hit or miss. Yet you go all-in before seeing a flop. Bad move because your chances of hitting a flush are slim. And the chances of someone getting higher cards than you is very high. Flop comes 2-6-5 with no clubs giving you top pair (but they’re still only 6’s). However, a 10 comes up and you get beat by the player that already had pocket 10’s and thus already had you beat right from the very start. Are you complaining that that player kept his pocket 10’s and didn’t fold when you went all-in???

Hand #4:
You have 8-9 of hearts. Not too bad. Flop comes K-J-6 with two spades (you don’t have spades and your 8-9 are lower than K-J). Turn comes–another 6. So, on the board right now there’s a potential flush draw, a potential straight draw, and a potential 3-of-a-kind or full house. You have literally nothing. Someone bets 2.5K and you fold. That’s the correct move… good job!

Hand #5:
You have J-7 of hearts. Again, not too bad. Flops comes A-3 of hearts and 10 clubs. Not bad at all but you have to assume someone at least has a pair of A’s at this point (most people can’t throw away A’s pre-flop!). Anyway, turn card comes…another Ace. So, assuming someone had an Ace in the hole to begin with, you can bet someone has AAA at least at this point, and potentially a full house (whenever there’s a pair on the board there’s always a possibility of a full house somewhere). River card comes, the K of hearts, so you now have your flush (Jack high so the only other flush that can beat you is someone with the Queen). Yet there’s still that pair on the board and, lo and behold, someone has the full house AAA33. In fact, they already had you beat right from the very start of the hand.

So, hands 1, 2 and 3 you played very badly! Hand 4 you did good by folding at the right time. Hand 5 I can’t really fault you for staying for the flush but getting beat by the AAA33 wasn’t a surprise. Not seeing a swindle here. You had bad luck on hand 5 but the first three hands was bad play on your part.


Nothing is decided before the deal. The game has no idea who will fold or not, which blows up your entire ‘argument’

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