SITOUT! Delay timer!

There should be a 1 minute delay between sitting out and being allowed back. People are using sitout to their cheating advantage. I made the decision to bet because the most aggressive person was on sitout, as soon as I placed my bet, he quickly came back and doubled my bet I wouldn’t have made but for the fact he was sitting out.

This has happened several times!


That’s a little mean, but tricking is part of it in my opinion. Theoretically, everyone has the opportunity to do this. You can’t ban that. You always have to remember that at any time every action of the opponent can be a trick.

The sitout is not something you can do in regulation poker. If you leave a hand, that hand can not then be returned to. The same should apply here IMO.

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Or maybe make it so sitting out in the middle of a hand is an autofold