Remove sit outs from hands they "not participating" in

there is no uniformity to the “sit out”. one player will kickout cards w/o a raise in place and another will hold the cards through the bet clock over and over again.
why doesn’t it take the sit out player completely out of the hand?
you play re-actions of players responding to the betting and you feel you have a better hand based on their betting and bang! the sleeping “sit out” pulls it off. granted it’s just blind pot but the waiting etc. they should be taken out of the hand(s) completely.

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I’m not entirely sure I understand what you’re saying, but I know from personal experience that if your Internet disconnects the game will let ypu be on extended sit out while you’re trying to reconnect.

I use sit-out as courtesy to other players. When leave the table I don’t feel I should force placers to wait for my turn to time out.

Si t-out has been a part of PP since the introduction of PP in 2013.
Pipework’s first version of poker “WSOP Full House Pro” did not have sit-out, and believe me folks, this way is better

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