Server kicked me out and didn’t give me the money I won

Hello can someone from the game help me . I had qued into a 50k buy in table and won 170k so I had about 220k in my bakroll at the table . Then the server kicks me out sends me to the main menu and I didn’t get the money that I had won or the money I bought in with either . My gamer tag is iM OxY 30mg I’m playing on Xbox . I assume it’s something with the update because this has never happened before and I like this game . But I can’t really afford to buy chips so I grind with what I have.

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At the table you are in ‘sit out’ mode. You have 9 minutes to reset everything and rejoin the table. PP will give you the option to rejoin when you restart PP. Meanwhile at the table you are checking and folding everything and will leave the table at the end of 9 minutes.
The rest of the players can tell that you’re sitting out because you never look at your cards.