Prominence Poker Content Drop - Week of Oct. 17

:broom: Like a witch and their broom, this week’s drops are flying off the handle! Here’s what is new this week:

  • :zap: Free three-day boost

  • :exclamation: Free Día de los Muertos Masks

  • :shopping: New Witchy Ways Bundle

  • :date: New Most Wanted Bounties and multi-item event

Oh yeah, our 25% chip sale rolls on through tomorrow as well. More to come next week — enjoy! :sunglasses:

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Yay, finally it continues! :zap: :broom:

I thought outfits were supposed to have stacking bonuses. It’s Affiliation Wednesday, so I put on my Affiliation outfit and played a tournament. After I was looking through the Stash and saw other Affiliation items and equipped them too, but my bonus didn’t go up.
(P.S. I like the new Bounties)