Prominence Poker Emote Reaction Uses

I’ve wonder if there is a shortcut definition to each emote animate the players can all relate to or use for those who choose to not chat during games. I wonder if there is a general consensus of what each one the community uses each one for.

Example, I use the following emotes for the following reasons:

Opps = 1) When I made a mistake, 2) When my hand hits on the board (on the flop) after I fold a weak hand, 3) When a player “repeated” drags out the time clock for every hand, 4) When I want to say, WTF.

Applause = 1) When a player makes a good bet or play, 2) When a player calls my bluff, 3) When I player folds to my strong winning hand/bet, 4) When a player had a good hand 5) General overall “good job”.

Celebrate = 1) When that actions on the table is entertaining to watch, 2) When I dodged a bullet and avoided losing all my chips.

Happy Dance = 1) When I folded my hand against a winning hand, 2) When I believe I made a good call or fold.

Magic Trick = 1) When a player doesn’t have a winning hand and finally hits on the river despite the odds stack against the player based on bets from other players. 2) When a player doesn’t have a winning hand (on the flop) but still wins with running turn and river (magic trick).

Air Boxing = I particularly don’t use it, but I believe people you it as 1) To say, “It’s On!” or “Bring it!”

Throat Slit = I think people use this when they are pissed off. Or want to pay a player back. Quite frankly, poor choice of emote if politeness is what game developers want.

Finger Gun = 1) When I knock out/bust multiple players at once.

Wave = 1) When I accept defeat and saying “bye”. 2) When I am done playing in casual games and about to leave. 3) I think people use it when a player they want to lose bust-out. It is a way to say “Bye, Felicia” or something of that matter.

I don’t use “Table Bounce” or “Chip Flip”. Not sure what that says or represents. My use is best guess if and when I use it.

Any idea of what other use it for? It may shed some light on what others are trying to say.

If they had a “definition” then using them would give hints to others, don’t you think? There’s no need for narrowing down their functionality to specific things. I use them for almost completely different purposes. For example, one of the popular use of them you missed here is tilting the other player. It’s part of the game, and people like to use them for it. Other than that it’s self-explanatory I think. One thing I really miss though is expressing an accidental action. There’s only awkward silence after them.

Thanks for your reply. I agree with you on the accidental action. I’ve actually called for a hand in a rush when away from my screen among other things. I do agree it’s self-explanatory and can be used to throw opponents off their game.

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I fart around with emotes all the time, sometimes just randomly to kill time. What gets me is how often some twilgus will get all annoyed and send me rude and insulting instant messages because they think I’m a spaz. I just ignore them or write some silly reply like “I’m just a spaz”. Usually they shut up.

Jees, it’s only a dopey video game, relax! Switch to decaf… :smile:

I really enjoy the game!

Right just ignore them. Have fun with the emotes. Enjoy the game. May your hands continue to be profitable.

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