Pp server maintenance team kudos

Whoever is working on the PP server connection/maintenance/stability issues for Xbox, thank you!

The improvements are very noticeable including: improved initial login time, far less loss of server disconnects during gameplay, improved user interface functionality when there is a server connection issue…

…most appreciated is the in-game notice and compensation for an in-progress game interruption.

Yesterday I was in a tournament and had one of those donkey seats where you’re limited to bluff or fold when I finally flopped the nuts and some fool was raising large and right on the river I got the Server Maintenance Notice which booted me back to the login screen.

In the past when that happened it was tough titty bro suk it up, but to my pleasant surprise this time after reconnecting a new notice was shown stating that I was being compensated for the previous game ending incorrectly, something like that, and sure enough I even gained points.

Thanks for that, on top of the other improvements.

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