PlayStation prominence

I need poker buddies on PSN


Always down to play…frutch99


Message me if you want to play

cannot load/play prominence. Initial screen loads and then PS4 restarts?

Mine is completely fine on ps5 and ps4.

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i play on psn with some online friends. give me your username and ill add you to our group. cheers.

oops…i think i have it…frutch99? lol.

I’m xxnum_numsxx add me

frutch99., you need to check your settings. cant message or send friend request.

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Hi im april marie. And handle is. Kronicsquad420

And if yall play on any other game and see me its not me… I dont play that apex shit!! Hahaha okay maybe maden sometimes… But its usually the boyfriend playing apex or warfare.

TokerzWolf is my handle… people call me wolf

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