Most Wanted Bounties - 4th February 2024

I see the achievements required for these put them in the category of an extremely rare random event, at least for anyone who isnt an unemployed insomniac playng Prominence on a 24/ 7 basis.

While I would agree that the requirements for some previous Most Wanted Bounties may have been too low, putting them in the “something for everyone” category, this seems to have gone to the opposite extreme.

What is the general view on this?

Get a royal flush within 15 days. Yes, this could happen to one in thirty players.

But seriously people, five times four of a kind in 15 days and that only on the green table? Hardly anyone would be able to do that even in 1000 days.
Let’s buy the items in the shop for chips otherwise there was no point in creating the items. :wink:

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Some things should just stay micro-transactions. No way gonna get these awards. I have been playing for a few years and only have had Royal Flush maybe once and Four of a Kind maybe a few times for each affiliation.

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I got the royal flush a few days ago but the reward feels less special because they put the reward in the shop for everyone to buy! I play on ps4

Im almost there bro lol

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