Kicking off October With the Spooky Lanterns Bundle & More!

We’re creeping it real with this week’s update, Prominence players! Spooky Season is upon us, and we’re sure many of you have already noticed the new seasonal items in the Shop & Stash, like the fan-favorite Spooky Lanterns bundle or the new Hand of Glory Candle. These items are among the first of many limited-time offerings coming to Prominence to celebrate the month!

Some of these items are premium offerings, while others are available for chips or as rewards. A duo of free offerings is also coming your way!

We’ll have more news early next week, but until then, let the glow of these seasonal lanterns light your way to victory! They’ll only be available until Saturday, Oct. 14, so be sure to act swiftly and grab them before it’s too late!

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Add Hand Candle & Lanterns to have bonuses during Havana Nights please :pray:t2:

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