Feature Requests

Great suggestions, man you guys really make the game developers jobs easy on this forum, usually you get a mess of dumb ideas but it seems like everyone is pretty in consensus on what they want and it make sense.

Would the trophy be a table item?

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That is great news as these are another selection of A1 suggestions, also congratulations on the repurchase of Prominence!

I believe you are both correct and with a compromise of both ideas we could achieve perfection. I suggest that the Telegraphing should remain in the game for those who enjoy it, however when not on a players turn the option to hold RB and not telegraph your move should also be an option. On a players turn however you are not able to use the RB button and must telegraph all decisions. Let me know what you guys think?


Hi, i’ve got a few suggestions since starting.

  1. More movement animation. Some you can unlock when as achievements, or buy through the shop.

  2. When somebody disconnects, animate their player needing to take a bathroom break, or having an argument with an official until they return.

  3. Have more data displayed on the hub. Being able to access information like your last 5-10 hands, other players Win or Lose record as a simple “WWLWL” near their name.

  4. When players are using their microphone in chat, have a speaker display above their head to let other players know they’re there. I think it would be benificial if using chat was encouraged more in this game.

  5. The ability to play Casual games while waiting in the lobby for tournments to fill up. Make it so players can reserve their spot and, as long as they stay connected to the server, they can continue playing casual games. They will be giving a 1 minute warning when the game is full, after which they are automatically taken into the other game.


Per my other thread More on "Fake" Poker Accusations... (from a programmer) I’m adding my suggestions here since this is the specific thread.

  1. “Speed” tables with a shorter time limit for players to make their move.

  2. “Spread” tables where bets/raises can only be within a set limit (eg. between 100 and 1,000 chips on 10k buy-in tables). Since one of the biggest complaints is people just going all-in all the time and turning the game into “Poker lottery”.

  3. Cross-platform play would be amazing!

  4. Maybe if you have a hand above a certain rank (eg. trips) then there’s a “confirmation” thing before you can fold. I accidentally folded a killer full house the other day on the river after betting it big since the flop. I was mortified.

  5. More emoji thingies would be awesome: thumbs up, yawns, some kind of WTF reaction, etc. I could probably think of quite a few of these.

  6. I also agree the telegraphing should stay. I know it’s not a good idea to telegraph one’s moves but you can also “trick” other players with such things. One of the things I love about PP is that you can see when other players are checking their hole cards, etc. This is something you never had on older online poker rooms and it’s a valuable tool for seasoned Poker players to know when their opponents are checking to see if they have a potential flush, etc. after the flop arrives.

  7. “Paid access” rooms for serious players. I mean like private rooms but where you pay maybe an annual subscription for access to them. This would eliminate the possibility of playing against 8 year olds that don’t know what they’re doing and I’d certainly be willing to pay PP some $$ for this feature.

Finally, I’d like to reiterate my offer from my other thread with regards to helping implementing some of the logic for the suggestions. I don’t need paying–I just want to help make PP even more awesome than it already is and have happy players! I have 3 decades experience C/C++, SQL databases, and worked on several Poker software products since the early 2000’s.


Cross-Platform servers, please. It should’ve been added back in 2017

It’s no excuse and I’m not defending the developers however the game was sold and recently repurchased, while yes they did promise cross play they literally have had barely any time to work on it, I’m confident they will come through on their promise of cross play :slight_smile:


That’s not a bad idea! But I was talking about the PlayStation trophies

I think that is a great compromise, leaves the option to telegraph or not…Love it
now let’s get this game across platforms, there just isn’t enough traffic on steam to play a tournament. I sat there for 30 minutes waiting for a provisional game to start, that is too long to have to wait…good thing I am bed ridden and have nothing else to do LOL

I’m crying laughing, I forgot PlayStation achievements are trophies. Thank you for letting me know, I agree some trophies would be great for the Sony boys, we have achievements on Xbox maybe they can transfer those over.