Connection problem

Since the new season I have been consistently disconnected from a lot of ranked games. I’ve lost a lot of ranking and money for no reason. Why is the connection being so bad on console. Xbox btw. Is anyone else constantly getting disconnected?

Are you able to rejoin the game??

Perhaps I can be of assistance, firstly what system are you running? One,S,X, or Series? Next go to System Settings → Network → Test Nat Type and please post results here. You should either have a Open, Moderate or Strict Nat. If it is not open this will be the cause of your disconnection issues. I have never been disconnected on a fibre optic 165mb/s Open connection.

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No not a single game has let me rejoin. Literally just happened to me 2 minutes ago and I was about to win the game last hand and it just disconnected. Tried rejoining and nothing. Got dropped out of gold rank on head to head because it happened 5 times today.

It says nat type open

On your PC, test the internet speed. Do a Google search for ‘Xfinity speed test’. Run to record the download speed, then select ‘more’ and run to record the upload speed. Run this process several times and post your slowest speeds here.

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Please try to answer all my questions as it makes it more difficult to narrow down exactly which network card your box has in it. Next step if your Nat is open is to check what network type are you on 2.4 ghz or 5 ghz?

I have had my internet provider (Comcast) send a technician to my apartment 4 times to address problems with my connection to their survive. The technicians are usually avid gamers well versed in making games work to there optional protentional.
They all strongly recommend that when playing multiplayer games on Xbox or PlayStation, that you DO NOT connect the console to your modem via Wi-Fi.
Everyone’s Wi-Fi router emits a signal using the same frequency.
Every remote device that uses the internet in your home shares that frequency. If you don’t password protect your modem, the dude next door can be streaming porn using your internet.
Every command given by all your remote controllers emits a signal using a unice frequency. Logic suggests that there exists the possibility of conflicts.
My 5 Ghz signal has problems’ transmuting over 25 feet.
Hardwire your console to the modem.

PP worked and now it doesn’t, so the settings on the Xbox are valid.
I’d suggest calling ones Internet Provider. One of their fixes to my speed problems was to replace the coax cable from the apartment buildings outside junction box to my apartment.