04152022 Lost Server Connections - Repeatedly

XBX : After checking my own internet (Xfinity ExtremePro) - everything is good on my side but keep losing connection to the server due to Prominence errors with many different numbers.

Getting dropped in the middle of ranked play is Bad form! I’m losing money I would not otherwise be losing. What is up with the servers?

My servers work.
Attach a Google compatible device to your internet using the same type of commercium as your Xbox. Search and run ‘Xfinity Speed Test’ and tell us the download and upload speeds.

If you can reestablish a connection to the internet, then the reason for the disconnect is a timing issue.
Here’s why.
Your data is sent via packets or pieces of a message, and it may take several of these packets to complete a message.
As part of each packer there is a trailer section containing the total number of characters sent in that packet.
The receiving device compares the number of characters received with the number in the trailer.
If the numbers are different, then the receiving device notifies the sending device that it needs to resend the packet.
If the numbers match, then the receiving device tells the sending device that it’s ok to send the next packet.
The commutation between the sender and receiver is timed and when the limit is reached, the link between the two is severed and you are told that the server is down.
To me, it sounds like the internet speed within your home is compromised to the point that you should contact your internet provider for help.

DL 155.9 mbps
UL 24.3 Mbps
Latency 27ms
Protocol IPv6
Host Area IV, IL

I’m hardwired to the router and the router has been reset several times - it’s not my connection.

Your speeds are pretty good!
You are the only one reporting this problem, so logic tells me that something is failing with your connection. The weird part is that you can reconnect.
Here’s some more things to consider:

  1. Check all cable fittings for tightness.
  2. I had to replace some of the coax cables
  3. Replace the splitter, and ethernet cable
  4. How old is the modem/router? Check with
    the manufacture to see if the model is current
  5. Who is your internet provider?

I had connection problems and I called Comcast, and these were the items addressed to correct my connection problems.

Xfinity is the ISP - I have extreme Pro. This game and Red Dead Redemption 2 are the only two games that are disconnecting during play- everything else runs smooth (I’m not disconnected from Xbox, only those two games. Played both last night though without a hitch on either.

I called Xfinity and the router and cables are good. But will call me tomorrow about updating the gateway tower since it’s 4yrs old.