Can’t load game to play

I can load the game but for 3 days now I haven’t been able to load live to play on Xbox one. It tells me it’s not connecting to server. It’s not my internet because I can sign into all my other xboxlive games fine. Any help available or is it like trying to get a hold to Xbox because you can’t get a hold of them no more.


I’m having exactly the same issue.

I can’t either and I have ps4

This is not how you run a business. If you say 12hrs., then it better be done in 12hrs. I’ve never had a waiter come to my table and tell me that my steak took longer to cook than they anticipated. I’ve never had my dealership tell me that my car took longer to repair than they anticipated. And the kicker is: nobody is ever held accountable. When I do not perform my duties on schedule, I am held accountable. I have limited time to play…just do what you say you are going to do. Am I asking too much?


Im having the same issue with the game want load

It still isn’t connecting… I have a feeling it will be down for a long time.