Btw, shouldn't we do something about cheaters?

The farmers are not necessarily “cheating”, they’re just taking advantage of the rules of the system. It’s not always 2 xbox in one house, people work together and there are also “rank up” groups that will rank up the solos for a cut of the chips. What they are doing doesn’t affect much those who want to play for real either. In my experience waiting around hoping someone will play at the higher end isn’t worth the wait because there are not enough interested people. Banning the rank up crowd won’t convert those players to play it for real. If anything the ranked systems need some new tiers added to the top to make it more interesting. How about leave the 2-man 6-man as is and add a 9-man tournament ranked system that has higher rewards than the others for doing well there?

??? Farmers??

Farmers = The players farming chips and loot cases by doing Ranked head-head matches together and all-in the 100 buyin heads up for quick XP.

Finally someone knows what I’m talking about. Okay, farming is not harmful, but farming in a RANKED environment is not harmless in my opinion. It gives you a rank that someone else might works its ass out. It’s not funny. Watching others just ranking themselves up while you waiting like an idiot, because at least 10 times more people playing with themselves (or with someone from a group, I don’t even know what they’re doing) than folks who are willing to play for the win.

Also, I’m not completely unaffected by them, because somehow when I got matched with some of them, sometimes the game says: “The game not exists” when the game would start loading otherwise, and because of it I stuck at that screen. I can’t go back in the menu or anything. I actually have to close the game completely and restart it. And some of them seem to know about this and even mocks me by chasing me in the lobby to get us paired and to get me stuck in the game. I’m not sure, but it’s freaking outrageous. And again: these are supposed to be RANKED games. It’s a joke instead. Tell me one more game, where players use ranked games to farm (and clearly bypassing etiquette) and it’s okay there.

I don’t care if they were banned I’d still not have anyone to play. I don’t care. I’d rather want to see an empty lobby than a sh!thole. It seems you don’t get it. The two-person tournaments are not the same as the six-person. Not by a long shot. Creating a 9-person tournament system does not help this situation. I like the two-person format, because it’s shorter and gives you more chances to play. For me, the idea of even bigger tables are completely irrelevant. It doesn’t solve my problem.

I’m not alone it seems: Patch Notes - Oct. 5, 2022 - #7 by Theone_1