Why can't I sell chips?

This game is all about collecting fake money.
No fun or excitement.
I have too many chips and I want to sell them. Users can buy cheaply, people with a lot of chips can make real money, and how good they are to each other. With the current system, only game companies generally benefit.

You can you just aren’t looking elsewhere for payment. A particular person you can just do a private table and give it away.

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Go to a real gambling site or casino if you feel you can make $ playing poker PP is for fun and I have done donations on PP to friends in the Millions of chips and im still having fun cant wait for PP 2 or support PP buy a bonus or 2 I have and also won them in cases gl have fun

All online games get boring if thats all you do with yourself… Maybe go play something else for a while. ? But selling chips and giving them away sounds like a joke to me… And wussy move… Just my opinion hahha.

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