Question on Boost Timing

How does the timer on a 1 day boost work? Is it a full 24 hours from the activation time, or is it good until the end of a Prominence day?

It’s 6pm right now in Central TZ. The new day in Prominence is 7pm. If I were to logon and obtain a one day boost at 6pm, would it only be good for an hour, for 24 hours, or for 25 hours?

A 1 day boost is good for 24 hours.


And they dont expire that I know of so if you have 3 boost and don’t play PP for a week you still have those 3 when you get back on

The only problems i have had with boost is that two 7 day loot boost vanished in 1 day and most of the Epics have been table items

That is incorrect. If you have a 3 day boost and don’t play PP for a week then your 3 day boost will have expired 4 days earlier. Boosts are real time.

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Tyvm i appreciate that and look forward to seeing where you take PP to next. I think its great that you and your team are taking the bull by the horns. Good luck stay safe and healthy