Let's play chicken!


My name is Katie. I play as november_rain14 and I WANT TO HAVE FUN!

Some of you are bafflingly boring. For real. No clapping, waving, or anything. Duds!

I invented a game I’m calling “Chicken”.

If you find me at a table and you think I’m playing “Chicken” and message me what you think the rules are, and get it 100% right, I’ll gift you something from the shop. Promise.

I mean really people… lighten up for goodness sake!


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You want to play poker in a chicken costume and move around freely. But no one is allowed to laugh or find it stupid and if someone makes meaningful contributions, they get a reward?

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Sounds like fun im in Xbox1 ?

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I’m on PS5. We can’t play together? I’m not sure.

LOL You’ll never guess this way. You’d have to see it to believe it. LMAO :rofl:

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