Easter eggs report thread 4/22

Report any Easter eggs that you find here to share with other players.

I found an Easter egg; it was on a background character that had a robot as a skin. I saw it in the laundromat and it had cool animated lights on its face and hands!


Not sure if the new featured items count as Easter eggs but I’ve found:

Easter Basket of eggs
Chocolate Easter Bunny
Glass O’ Green
Jeweled Egg
Potted Plant of flowers

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Saw the robot again; this time it looked like it was wearing:

*a shiny red outfit
*it looked like it was holding a purse or bag

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That’s a bug. Please send a screen shot if you see anything like that again.

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Wait what; the robot is a bug? How’s that possible? Or do you mean the shiny red outfit; because that was seen at a distance in the yellow table casino and after further consideration I’m not so sure it wasn’t a red light reflection. First time I’ve seen a purse though.

The robot was a background character and close enough to be unmistakable. It had flashing lights on its face and hands. Which made me think there’s upcoming skins. Which then made me think I’d like the ability to save avatar configurations in case I want to play robot one day then switch back to my regular config another.


P.S. How 2 screencap play on xbox?

The robot is a bug. You can just use your phone to take a picture.

That’s disappointing, Mayor. It was too detailed to be a glitch. The face had rectangular “eyes” with lights that moved back and forth like the headlights on the Nightrider car. The hands had square blinking lights. Suggesting this could be some legacy skin that coincidentally showed up after an announcement to look for Easter eggs. Which is utterly bizarre and can only prompt me to ask if you would please be so kind to elaborate on how such a thing would be possible, or ask if you even believe me?

I’m certain about what I saw. It was the closest background character in the laundromat; the one that stands gesturing in front of another character that’s partially visible with its back against the wall. So the front left profile of the robot was clear. It was wearing a common suit, I think probably the white one but it appeared dull green like the room.

I’ll definitely try for a screenshot if I see it again, because this is just incomprehensible at this point.

If anyone reading this has seen what I’m describing please comment.

Also, the time I thought I saw it in the yellow table casino I’m unsure about because of the distance of the character, and after multiple times scrutinizing that background character am more convinced I’m mistaken about that instance being the robot skin than not, especially considering your report. Though I still can recall a purse hanging off the shoulder of that character quite clearly; and l don’t recall ever seeing a purse before.

But I’m 100% sure about the robot skin in the laundromat.

Please explain how a complete animated skin of a robot is possible to show up as a “bug”.

Seems kind of rude not to elaborate on how such a fully skinned “bug” could be possible. Unless people really are hacking the game and you don’t want people to know.

all this time and I just noticed you wrote Easter ITEMS not eggs

here I’ve been looking everywhere for hidden stuff

and since you told me the robot was a bug I keep going back to the laundromat looking for it again

and I’m guessing you guys think I’m nuts or on drugs but I’m sober

very weird and now I’m doubting myself despite staring at and admiring that robot for an entire 6 player tournament

feels bad, man