Cross Platform Play

This game has so much potential but it’s only problem is it’s long wait times espessially in toraments and what I suggest you do to fix it is to add cross-platform servers between PS, Xbox and PC and that would be huge and a very good idea.


I suspect your a PS or PC user because the Xbox community on this game is rather versatile and snappy on loading all game modes, ranked, tourney or casual. As I responded to your comment in the features request board they haven’t owned the game for a bit and no one works on a game they don’t own, they recently managed to repurchase the game and I’m sure cross play will come…. However having people keep recreating the I Want Crossplay Threads is not helpful, going into the feature request thread like you did is the best way to do it.

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As someone who plays across all 3 platforms, I agree, this would be pretty great. I know Sony has some weirdness when it comes to cross-play unfortunately, but would love to see it at least implemented across the XBox/PC platforms if it becomes an option in a future update.

So the feature request thread is also a possible place to request…. Features???

Here’s some thoughts about cross play from someone who’s been retired for 20 years, so if I need corrected, please do so.
Sony is reluctant to share its operating system with Microsoft, so cross play is questionable between the two manufactures.
It’s my understanding that Microsoft is developing cross play between Xbox and PC’s running Windows when, both are using a Microsoft gaming platform.
Performance Poker uses a gaming platform called Unreal Engine, which has 3 different versions for the 3 different operating systems.
Cross play requires compatible operating systems and gaming platforms and even if that were to happen, it would take a massive rewrite of Performance Poker.
Buy an Xbox, problem solved.

Highly acute, 100% valid information. Not bad for an old-timer, sir.

Thanks !
While we’re on the subject, I have some questions concerning future improvements for ProFormance.
Unreal Engine is releasing a new version of their product (5) this spring and both Xbox and PlayStation have released new models of their consoles.
Is PipeWorks using these upgrades during the development of any improvements to performance?
If so, should we consider buying the newer consoles?

I can answer that, in regards to the new Series generation of Xbox you will notice a huge difference in this game regardless of Unreal 5 being updated, running this game parallel on an Xbox S and a Series S the immediate difference is visual fidelity, everything is smoother (no choppy animations), load times are greatly seen improved( Can back into and out of tables and tournaments in split seconds). Now you ask yourself is that worth it? 300 for an S and 600 for an X, well in my opinion I have to say yes because even without utilizing ALL the new features like the new unreal 5 engine, or the all new Xbox Velocity Architecture (This is the biggest improvement that will launch us ahead of PC), or the fact that all Series have Ray tracing (RT is realistic shadows, lights and reflections) your still getting every game you play improved. :slight_smile: hope that helps!

Thanks for the quick response!
go ducks!

Just an FYI… Unreal Engine is the underlying game engine that developers use to implement the 3D graphics, animations, etc. It’s not necessarily the method used to make “clients” talk to the server or other clients. Cross platform play can be implemented by incorporating one’s own proprietary database and network sockets protocols on top of the unreal engine base code. However, I suspect that this was not done by the developers and which is why they’re now stuck with platform specific play.

It wouldn’t require a total rewrite of the program. It would only need to have the existing “networking” stuff gutted and re-done in a proprietary manner for cross platform play.

Also, unreal engine itself is cross platform. If you create a game on, say Windows with it, you can also compile the exact same game for Mac or Linux/Steam without any re-coding.

On saying all this, I’m not sure of the ins-and-outs of the licensing agreements to go on certain platforms such as xbox. Perhaps they insist that multi-player games must use the xbox (or other) specific networking stuff? I’m not sure.

I am referring to cross-play between Xbox and PlayStation.
Unreal Engine is a screen management system that uses a manufacture’s operating system to display images on a monitor.
It has nothing to do with the transfer of data between read only memory (ROM) chips on a ‘mother board’, which have been pre-programmed by a manufacture to operate on their hardware.

You’re misunderstanding what I’m saying. Standard networking protocols (sockets) are completely platform independent. If the game used standard networking protocols, linked to a central (Prominence) database, there’s no reason that cross platform play isn’t possible. It has nothing to do with unreal engine or the under-laying hardware.

You’re correct, we’re talking apples and oranges.
You’re talking about commutation, I’m talking about processing.