Buying a Xbox Series X

Does anyone know when / where I can buy a Xbox series x at the Microsoft price of $500?
The Microsoft store is sold out, so is Best Buy.
Walmart is selling them for $650, and Amazin’s price ranges from $850 to $1350.

Hey man I just managed to get a Ps5 in the UK at retail price £495 while Amazon selling for £1500.

I recommend jumping on Twitter and following a stock checker page, something like and have a look a couple of times a day (especially in the morning), once you see at a reputable store either scheduled or live now go for it and join the queue.

I was following one for PS5 in the UK for about a week before one popped up I was able to buy.

Good luck!


Thank you!
According to an employee at one of the companies of interest, at least 2 companies are reselling products online from third parties for a fee. This can be seen were there are 7 different Xbox series x consoles on the same page, and each is for a different price.

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Hey John my friend is selling an Xbox Series X from Illinois for $450usd let me know if you want his Xbox gamer tag.

Thanks for the info.
I think I’ll keep trying to locate a new unit from some promising leads I’ve received.

Here’s the most detailed reason I’ve found for the shortage. Scroll down to the article.
PS5 and Xbox Series X shortage explained: why it's so hard to find a console | GamesRadar+

My stock-tracker gave me a notice this morning.
So, I just ordered an Xbox series X console from Walmart early this morning, $499 + tax.